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5th to 9th Sept. 2019

Kent, UK


Wild Wisdom Gathering is a gathering created by women for women. It is a four-day journey connecting hearts and wombs on sacred English lands. Coming together in celebration of our womanhood in all of her expansive, ecstatic, pleasure-filled self.

It is an invitation to collectively remember the innate wisdom of our wild and free soul.

It is an invitation to collectively remember our home within the interconnected web of life.

It is an invitation to come home to the wild wisdom of our womb, heart and soul.

It is an invitation to come alive and rise together as women.


Gather with us for embodiment practises, yoni wisdom sharing, meditation, nature, song, dance, ritual, sisterhood, creative expression, co-creative transformational bliss, dream-weaving & birthing, and so much more…


There is an inspiring beauty and creativity that arises when we gather wombs; an intangible magic born of a collective womb that can catalyse transformation, homecoming and a deeper connection with our innate, collective creativity and what it is to live as a woman.


For as long as humans have lived in community, women have gathered together in ritualised female spaces. Gathering to support one another in their journey of life, to celebrate births and honour deaths, to mark the sacred coming of age of ménage and other rites of passage, to care for children and care for the sick, to honour the moon and her cycles, to work together to weave dreams of light on this sacred Earth.

Women are carriers of life and there is a natural coming home to this innate, wild wisdom when we gather as life bearers, as dream weavers.


Through celebrating one another and this magical, layered existence each woman’s own unique expression of femininity comes alive as we hold space for one another to come home to our unique place within the infinite fabric of existence, born of and inseparable from nature and the vast cosmos.


We envision:

A world where each woman is aware of her unique beauty

A world where women support, empower and celebrate one another

A world where women feel safe to come home to the magic of their embodied self; celebrating their wombs, their hearts, their sensuality and the monthly cycles that birth entire worlds.

A world where we all live in harmony with the Earth, with the divine feminine in her full, wild, nurturing expression.


We invite all women and those identifying as female to come together to inspire, empower and celebrate one another in all of our delicious and vibrant femininity.

Women of all ages from maidens to elders, mothers, daughters, granddaughters.