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5th to 9th Sept. 2019

Kent, UK


Eridge Park

We are blessed to have Eridge Park as our home and womb for the gathering.

One of the oldest deer parks in England located in the heart of the countryside just outside Tunbridge wells.

Rolling hills scattered with ancient trees, a natural spring and deers roaming freely will hold us as we go deep into our journey.

The land has a long interesting history; previous royal families came to visit the park for its healing energy.  An energy born from the network of ley lines running through the land connecting to other sacred sites around the world. 

We are the first conscious gathering to use the land in this way and It feels like a new beginning for the land.

A sacred remembering of the old magical way of being in harmony with nature.

Of using prayer and ceremony to hear and listen to the wisdom of the earth.



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At the age of 18 I had a clear dream and vision to use this incredibly beautiful and sacred land to bring as much Light to this area of the world as possible. Being an only child I knew that one day I would have the real honour and privilege of inheriting it. So 10 years ago I set a clear intention that one day I would use it to create a beautiful heart-centered community, a deeply healing meditation and yoga retreat center and also run uplifting conscious festivals in the summer.


After teaching meditation for the last nine years and recently becoming a psychotherapist, I have finally felt ready in myself to put this dream into action.

As if by a miracle, I was put in touch with Arktara, Annika and Ellanah at the beginning of this year and what a beautiful meeting this has been! I couldn’t have asked for more conscious sweet souls to use this land and share this vision.

I have been praying to find events and people who will really honour, respect, appreciate and benefit from the healing goodness that the land holds and Wild Wisdom Gathering is just the thing!

The park is a truly special place and I can’t wait for more people to experience its magnificent power and magical healing energy! :) 

To discover more of what I am offering please visit my website www.thekindesthing.com