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5th to 9th Sept. 2019

Kent, UK



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Annika's heartfelt desire is to create a world that we wish to birth all of our children into, a world where we are empowered to be ourselves, where we empower one another.

Envisioning a world where we are connected to our heart, spirit and body. The innate wisdom that we carry to be out ally to universal love and truth.

Being born in the luscious countryside of Germany, Annika has had the privilege to connect with mother nature since a very young age. She feels devoted for all of us to support our important connect to the earth, to come home to our true nature, take care of the earth and our natural ways of being and living from the heart.

​Over the past years Annika has been studying and teaching various forms of yoga (hatha, nidra, mantra, pranayama, yantra, ...),

leading and supporting immersions and teacher training programs.

Merging the yogic teachings with her love for indigenous knowledge Annika has been working with teachers from the plant kingdom, including cacao, tobacco, and exploring her special connection with the rose.


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Hi I’m Arktara and I’m here on this beautiful planet to connect you more deeply to your heart and womb. I am passionate about authenticity and work from a place of love bringing people (especially women) together to empower, encourage and inspire one another.
I am a wisdom keeper, a magic weaver, a daughter of mother earth and a pure channel bringing through the wisdom of the stars.

My life was not always like this, after a personal crisis in 2014 that led to a big shift and awakening, I left behind the corporate world and my home in England to fully embrace a life of positivity, spirituality and the healing arts.
During this time (and on going) I had to unlearn and release many belief, behavior and emotional patterns that were holding me back from embodying my true potential.
I was playing small, i was pleasing others and not listening to my heart when making decisions, fear was in control and the trauma from my childhood and breakdown of my marriage were affecting my relationships.

This led me to explore and learn many different healing modalities to assist with my personal healing, and now with humbleness and joy i am here to share these gifts with you, wherever you are on your healing and awakening journey.

I work with sound therapy, energy work, sacred sexuality, ceremony & ritual all intertwined with Cacao. With all of these modalities my focus is to empower you to be your own best healer, lover, and guide.

These are intense times, more and more of us are awakening to the possibility of new ways of living and loving. We are remembering the power when women come together in circle and the importance of our connection to mother earth and the natural gifts she contains.

We are awakening the wild wisdom we all hold inside as powerful creator beings of love.


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A gypsy soul committed to helping others connect deeper to their heart and the beauty of being alive. 


I have been blessed over the years with an eclectic background in Anthropology, performing arts, the world of holistic health and a deep love for meditation. All of which have inspired an ever-unfolding journey of questioning and staying open to explore who we are as embodied beings and how we can live deeper from our hearts.


The diagnosis of PCOS many years ago sparked a journey deeper into women’s work for me; exploring what it is to be here on this Earth as a woman and how we can nurture and honour the feminine form and all of her mysterious and inspiring cycles. 


This was a journey of unlearning all that society had taught about what it means to be ‘woman’ and reconnecting with the innate wild wisdom of the womb and soul; a wisdom that naturally brings us home to greater harmony both within ourselves and the world around us. Two of my prayers for the women of the world are that we all remember what it is to connect to the infinite, creative magic of our wombs and that we are inspired to create lifelong, soul-based relationships with our hearts and our own beautiful essence.

For the last five years I have been sharing Yoga and one-to-one healing work on retreats around the world; through this I have been blessed to witness and experience how community and collective shared space nurture such a deep awakening of wholeness. I have been continually inspired by all of the beautiful souls who I have been blessed to meet within these spaces, to commit more and more to staying forever a student to the beauty of life;  listening deeply, feeling fully and staying curious and open to each and every moment of existence. 


My wish for the world is a world where we all come alive to the magic of our own innate wisdom, a world where we all remember our unique sparkle within the infinite tapestry of life, and where we remember the power of our own hearts and that of the collective heart.


You can find out more about my work on my sparkly new website www.lilasoul.com